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TianJin BinHai International Airport Goes Digital with VIVOTEK IP Surveillance System


TianJin BinHai International Airport, one of the most important airline terminals in China, set up an analog surveillance system many years ago due to security concern. However, with the completion of an expansion project in May 2008, which boosts airport capacity to 10 million passengers per year, coupled with an increasing number of tourists traveling to China, the original surveillance platform is becoming insufficient. Airport staff found it difficult to track passengers immediately or access complete information of a foreign passenger if an event happens. This will increase their respose time to accidents. Besides, such a huge amount of international passengers has put airport staff under extreme pressure in terms of airport security maintenance.

TianJin BinHai International Airport needs a surveillance solution based on open infrastructure that can not only help the staff solve problems quickly but also prevent danger in advance. After thorough consideration, TianJin BinHai International Airport decided to replace the conventional CCTV monitoring system with VIVOKTE's robust IP surveillance system.


Shanghai Poseidon Technology, VIVOTEK's authorized distributor in China, drew up a well-deployed IP surveillance system with VIVOTEK's network cameras for TianJin BinHai International Airport. The system consists of 10 IP6122 and 10 IP7131 in the baggage carousel zone, 10 SD6122V in the Customs zone, 20 PT7135 around the lobby, and 25 IP7135 in duty-free shops.

IP7131 and IP6122, installed in the baggage carousel zone, aim to minimize baggage loss, robbery, and damage of the convey belt. With 802.3af-compliant PoE function, IP7131 can be powered by the existing network cables. This exempts deployment of additional power cables and increases flexibility in future expansion. With IP6122's two-way audio functionality, real-time communications between the central control site and the monitored area can be initiated, enabling quick response to emergencies or accidents. VIVOTEK SD6122V, installed in the Customs zone, offers a 10X optical zoom lens, allowing landingwaiters to zoom in on any suspicious objects or people. The wide pan/tilt movement (Pan Travel: 720; Tilt Travel: -10~100) gives landingwaiters an extensive viewing area, thereby giving them comprehensive surveillance ability.

The 20 PT7135 network cameras set up in the lobby offers 350 pan and 125 tilt movement range, providing the central control site with a whole view of the lobby. Besides, 2 to 3 VIVOTEK IP7135 were installed in each duty-free shop to enhance its security against shoplifters.


After installing these cameras, security staff can be immediately informed with any unexpected incident such as suspicious objects placed by an unknown person. Examination of passengers by Custom officers is more efficient and suspects can be identified instantly. With the cameras in the lobby and the baggage carousel areas, equipment and facility breakdown is detected immediately, allowing maintenance staff to fix the problems in time. In addition, crimes such as robbery or shoplifting in the stores are reduced. The cost-effective IP surveillance system not only strengthens airport and passenger security, but enables the airport to provide more user-friendly and high-quality services.

"VIVOTEK's robust IP surveillance system seamlessly meets our needs in terms of real-time information, scalability, and cost-effectiveness; furthermore, the simplified cabling structure also reduces 20% expenses of our original budget," mentioned by the site supervision, "We are very pleased with this investment and hope this IP surveillance system can work out as we predicted during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games."
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