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VIVOTEK Wireless Solution Reinforces Marulani Game Farm Security


Miro, VIVOTEK's authorized distributor in South Africa, planned an IP surveillance system with VIVOTEK IP7132, IP7137, IP7152 and PZ6124 network cameras for South Africa's Marulani game farm. Located outside Bela-Bela, about 100km from the capital, Pretoria, Marulani is a carefree place for nature and wild life lovers; however, the vast rugged terrain has caused many problems for the farm owner when running this place. Due to the absence of network infrastructure and limited power resources, wireless surveillance systems would be the ideal choice. As a result, a total of 30 wireless network cameras by VIVOTEK were deployed.


These four models, supporting wireless connection, enable the farm owner to cope with the problem of lacking network infrastructure. These cameras fully demonstrate their advantages on this vast game farm because the owner is exempted from deploying Ethernet cables and from worries about signals being obstructed by buildings.

With audio support, the control site can make announcement to all tourists on the farm. Furthermore, PZ6124 and IP7152 offer two-way audio that enables communications between the control site and the monitored site. This allows the control site to rapidly respond to emergencies and have better control over accidents.


The deployment of the wireless solution has led to many achievements. First of all, the farm owner gains better control over escape of game farm animals. Many of the animals on the farm are ferocious, and escaped animals can pose threats to tourists and farm properties. With the solution, the owner can keep an eye on each area at all times, thereby reducing animal escape.

Secondly, accidents and emergencies are reduced. In the past, it was difficult to check emergencies and accidents and notify the farm owner immediately. And now abnormal situations are identified promptly, allowing rescue to be carried out in time.

Due to the animals' unpredictable whereabouts, it is difficult to keep track of their physical condition. With these cameras, the owner can now watch animals' health condition and detect sick animals instantly.

Owning to insufficient on-site security force and slow police reaction, the farm owner is afflicted by immense break-ins and theft. The wireless surveillance system now enables the farm owner to prevent crime in advance and minimize losses and damage caused by burglary.
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