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Network Cameras Keep an Eye on Your Properties


Shinseage Dream Express (SDE) is one of the leading logistics companies in Korea. She also owns a department store as her subsidiary company with very strong channel distribution and is responsible for the business of their domestic shipments. In recent years, the sales growth of this department store increased dramatically, and the need for efficient delivery is highly demanded. In order to meet their quick expansion, SDE set up five warehouses in five cities separately to guarantee the best, fast-delivering service for their customers. However, SDE was experiencing an increasing need for the reinforcement of its security surveillance, resulted from external and internal theft during this period. Then SDE was searching for a surveillance solution that gave them real-time control and remote monitoring for their warehouse security.


After an in-depth purchase survey, they contacted MYIPCAM CO., LTD., one of VIVOTEK's system integrators and distributors in Korea. They quickly accepted MYIPCAM's advice using VIVOTEK's remarkable SMB solution as their prior choice since the VIVOTEK's full-featured pan/tilt/zoom network cameras (PZ6112) with the free-bundled 16-CH recording software ST3402 can entirely meet the need of IP-based surveillance. “Such total SMB solution without extra money investment is really cost-effective and considerate for our retail store management,” said the owner of SDE. “Network video surveillance really brought us numerous of benefits like cost-saving, flexibility, and scalability so that we can easily extend our rapid expansion in the future.”

In the first phase, the system integrator totally installed 16 VIVOTEK PZ6112 network cameras at different critical points in warehouses and used the recording software ST3402 for as a central console. PZ6112 comes with a powerful dual-codec engine that allows the operators to select different video compression methods, either in MPEG-4 or in MJPEG, to optimize image quality and bandwidth efficiently. Combining a 10X optical zoom lens and a high-quality CCD sensor, it can not only easily zoom in on the critical areas but also capture and distribute the superior quality videos over the networks for remote monitoring. The wide pan/tilt movement, controlled by the application software can help locate any position in the viewable area within seconds. Additionally, with the free 16-channel recording software, the operators can view the real-time video transmitted from 16 cameras on a single monitor and also set up the system for event-controlled or scheduled recording via a central console without requiring any special training. Each camera can be configured respectively to record a specific time before or after events, or even to conduct the two-way audio communication.

The owner of Shinseage Dream Express was so satisfied with the outcome: “We are so surprised with the real-time video quality delivered over the Internet. Because of the reliable network cameras from VIVOTEK, now we relatively can ensure the operation facility and warehouse security, especially in peak season. So, we decide to invest more this year, installing additional 13 VIVOTEK PZ6112 network cameras to confront our rapid business growth in the coming years.” Networked video security technologies definitely represent a giant leap forward for retail security and obviously the VIVOTEK's SMB solution is a big hit for those SMB customers.
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