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Central Management Software ST7501

VIVOTEK ST7501 is free-bundled, new generation central management software, featuring reliable recording and easy system management for diverse IP surveillance applications. ST7501 has three major components including: ST7501 Server for recording, ST7501 LiveClient for viewing live media data and managing the system, and ST7501 Playback for browsing the database and retrieving the recorded media data. You can install and run the three components on a single computer, or install all of them in three separate computers.

ST7501 Server is able to record network video streams up to 32 channels; while ST7501 LiveClient allows you to have real-time remote monitoring. For the video playback, you can use ST7501 Playback to retrieve the database with multiple advanced functions such as searching, browsing, and exporting. With ST7501 LiveClient and ST7501 Playback installed on other computers in different locations, you can have live viewing and database access for more efficient video management. Working seamlessly with VIVOTEK network cameras and video servers, ST7501 central management software privodes you with reliable video surveillance unit.


Client/Server for Remote Video Management
Real-time 32-channel Live Video Monitoring
Simultaneous 16-channel Playback
Efficient Recording System
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Control Interface
Powerful Playback Control Functions
Role-based User Account Management
Lightweight Remote Login to Access All Functions
Easy-to-use Snapshot Function
Exports AVI Files to Local Host
Seamlessly Integrates with All VIVOTEK Network Cameras
Supports Dual-stream Live Viewing and Recording
Cameras Accessible through NAT
Event-triggered or Scheduled Recording Mode


ST7501 Server
Serves as a centralized management site
Performs 32-channel video recording
Provides recording in multiple hard disks
Feeds live video to the local/remote LiveClient users
Feeds recorded video to the local/remote Playback users
Zero waiting database recovery after unpredictable crash or power failure

ST7501 LiveClient
Login to the ST7501 server
Controls the server functions
Manages user accounts of the server
Edits the recording groups of the server
Edits recording schedule of the server
Provides powerful monitoring window
Dual screens for maximum 32 channels simultaneous monitoring
1x1, 2x2, 1+5, 3x3, 1+12, 4x4, 5x5, 1+31 monitoring layouts
Multiple video viewing pages and page switching
Supports convenient evidence exporting
Exports AVI file of live video in real-time
Snapshots the live video pictures
Prints out the live video pictures
Supports convenient multiple monitor switching
Provides PTZ operation panel for PTZ camera control
Remote configuration for network cameras
Log settings for security concern

ST7501 Playback
Login to the ST7501 server
Browses the database of recorded video from the server in day base
Provides convenient playback window
Maximum 16 channels simultaneous playback
1x1, 2x2, 1+5, 3x3, 1+12, 4x4 playback layouts
Supports powerful playback functions
1/8, 1/4, 1/2 slow-down playback
2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 speed-up playback
Supports convenient evidence exporting
Exports AVI file of recorded video in real-time
Snapshots the recorded video pictures
Prints out the recorded video pictures
Supports convenient multiple monitor switching
Powerful search engine
Event search
Log search

Client/Server Hierarchy
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