How do I use Safe100?
   1. Under Configuration > DDNS, enable DDNS setting.
   1. Choose safe100 and read the Legal Agreement.
   2. Choose Agree to go to the next page.
   3. Check "Enable DDNS." Fill in an email address and host name. Please fill in a useful email account. The host
       name is the domain name, which you want to use to connect with the camera.
   4. Fill in the key and confirm key. (You may use any combination of numbers and characters.)
   5. Click "Register" button.
   6. You can see the message " [Register] Starting to register, please wait a minute." in the DDNS Message box
       when you are waiting.
   7. If registration is successful, you will receive the message "[Register] Register successfully. Your account
       information has been mailed to registered e-mail address. "
   8. Please click "save" again to keep the settings on DDNS & UPnP.