How do I restore factory default setting?
There is a button in a hole on the case of the camera (varies from model to model) that is used to reset the system or restore the factory default settings. Sometimes resetting the system sets the system back to normal state. If the system problems remain after reset, please restore the factory settings and install again. Different model have different ways to restore default settings because the LED is different.

   1. Find a probe (like a paper clip) to click the reset button inside the reset hole.
   2. Hold the button down for a few seconds.
   3. While you're holding down the button, the LED will go to POST (power on self test). Wait for the self-diagnostic to
       run twice.
   4. You can release the reset button and set up the camera by using the Installation Wizard again.
   5. The following is a film that shows you how to restore default settings.