How to use a 3G phone to view the camera?
First, please note that you have to use our 7000 series products, because only they support RTSP protocol so that you can use 3G phones to view them. Please follow the under steps to make it work:

   1. Please set up your camera on the Internet first.
   2. On camera side, please check the settings:
         1. For IP7137/IP7135/PT7137/PT7135, please check:
               1. Disable "RTSP authentication" in "Network" page.
               2. Choose"Configure for mobile viewing" in "Audio and video" page.
                  (Because the 3G network bandwidth is limited, you can't use too large video size or you will get
                   nothing on your cell phone.)
               3. Please make sure that you use "554" as your RTSP port in Network page.
                  (Because most ISP and players do not allow or support port number other than 554 to let RTSP
                  streaming go through.)
         2. On 3G phone sides,
               1. Please use the players not browser in it. (Such as realplayer or any multi media players in it)
               2. Please type URL in the player:
rtsp://<the public IP of your camera>/live.sdp