2-megapixel Day&Night Fixed Network IP Camera IP7161

VIVOTEK IP7161 is a high-end 2-megapixel network camera with true day and night functions ideally suited for wide, open spaces such as building entrances and airports, or applications requiring accurate identification, such as human faces in banks or vehicle license plates in parking lots. With advanced 2-megapixel (1600 x 1200) resolution, the IP7161 can not only deliver extremely clear and detailed images, but also capture much larger scenes that CCTV cameras cannot. Consequently, users can significantly reduce deployment costs by using a megapixel camera instead of multiple VGA models.

To consistently maintain superior image quality during 24-hour surveillance, the IP7161 comes with a built-in removable IR-cut filter to accept IR illumination and an auto-iris lens to adapt to frequent light changes. For safe and secure monitoring, the IP7161 also supports tamper detection so that security staff can be alerted immediately if the camera is blocked, redirected, defocused, or spray-painted. The exceptional time-shift streaming feature stores pre- and post-event images temporarily in the buffer memory of the camera, giving the user a view of events leading up to and after an incident.

Additionally, the IP7161 camera incorporates an adjustment ring to improve lens compatibility with either C- or CS-mount lens, providing system integrators with more flexibility and hassle-free installation for different applications. In order to facilitate convenient on-board storage and data portability, the camera also provides an SD/SDHC card slot for temporary recording and data storage.

The IP7161 includes other advanced features such as simultaneous dual streaming, 802.3af compliant PoE, two-way audio via SIP protocol, and HTTPS encrypted data transmission.


2-megapixel CMOS Sensor
4.5 ~ 10 mm Vari-focal, Auto-iris Lens
Removable IR-cut Filter for Day and Night Function
Detects Tampering from Blockage, Redirection, Spray-painting, Defocusing
Supports time-shift streaming for recording pre- and post-event video
Real-time MPEG-4 and MJPEG Compression (Dual Codec)
Supports Dual Streams Simultaneously
Two-way Audio via SIP Protocol
Built-in 802.3af Compliant PoE
Built-in SD/SDHC Card Slot for On-board Storage
RS-485 Interface for Scanners, Pan/Tilt

Product Front View

Product Front View


Depth: 154mm
Width: 72mm
Height: 62mm

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